Amazon just keeps on releasing new Echo’s, and the newest member of the family – the Echo Spot – will be out just in time for Christmas. The Echo Spot seems to be building off the Echo Show, the latest model and first to include a screen. But in this case, they’ve actually decided to shrink the Echo, but still give it a screen. The result is a device that looks just like a bedside alarm clock, and functions like one too.

The Echo Spot does all the usual Echo things – connects to Alexa, reads the news, answer questions, controls your smart home, lets you stream music and – of course – purchase things on Amazon. But now, with the addition of a screen, you can watch video flash briefings, actually see  the music lyrics, read the weather forecasts, to-do and shopping lists, and view what you’re about to purchase. And thanks to Alexa, it’s all entirely hands-free.  If you connect the Spot to your home security system, you can see your security camera feed, front door camera, or even check in on your baby monitors. Control your locks, thermostat or sprinklers while you’re at it. Of course, our personal favorite function would just be as a smart alarm clock

The new Drop In Feature does sound useful, however; it lets you connect instantly with other Echo devices in your home, or that of your family and friends, for quick chats or updates, like asking when dinner will be ready.

The Echo Spot doesn’t look like a massive leap forward, and we’re starting to wonder how many smart devices one really needs. And of course, you should probably ask yourself if you like the idea of having a camera in your room…but if you liked the idea of the Echo Show, but want something much smaller and more compact, it’s not a bad idea for a gift.



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