AquaForno is part-grill, part-smoker, part-rotisserie – and even part-pizza oven, all rolled into one. It’s also completely portable and can run of several different kinds of fuel all at once. That’s a lot to handle, but it looks like the AquaForno delivers.

The AquaForno II is made of a 3-part, telescoping design. On the bottom sits a base section with 3 adjustable legs, a removable grill either for grilling or using a fire pit, and a boiler, for boiling water and making hot drinks. In the middle is a brazier, which lets you raise the grill for cooking over wood, and also lets you fry with a pan, or serve as a hot plate for keeping food warm. And sitting on top is an oven top, which lets you cook large cuts of meat (perfect for smoked briskets…) casserole, and serves as a Dutch Oven, as well as being the perfect place to bake a wood-fired pizza – even deep dish. A cordierite pizza stone is included for perfect, even crust every time, and – The insulated lid on top has a thermometer built in for monitoring the cooking temperature.

An interesting feature they decided to include were hanging arms, which let you hang clothes or wet towels to be dried off quickly with the heat of the oven. Seeing as how you probably end up doing that anyway after a dip in the pool or at the beach, it’s cool they decided to build them in. You can use these same arms to hang fish for smoking, too.

Fuel? The AquaForno runs off wood, peat, charcoal or gas. There’s a hookup for propane, but we bet the real magic of this bad boy is when you cook with wood. They recommend kiln-dried for the best quality and taste, and you can kiln dry some yourself on the pizza stone when not cooking. How’s that for convenient taste?

Lastly, this oven is portable, despite it’s large, seemingly bulky size. It comes with a double bag system, that lets you carry the stove and components – stone, grills, taps, etc – separately to split up the weight, or together if you prefer. You can carry it like a backpack or with the carry handles.

So, is this the best all-in-one outdoor stove/fireplace/grill/smoker? Could be. At as little as $239 for the AquaForno II Black, it’s certainly worth checking out. It might just be the perfect addition to your backyard this summer, and for long days by the beach.

Buy - $239.00
Aquaforno-ii-black-tap v Aquaforno-ii-black-family Aquaforno II The Ultimate in Outdoor Cooking