Remember the Polaroid OneStep2? Polaroid’s new throwback instant camera that actually printed photos instantly on i-Type and 600 film, just like the cameras you grew up idolizing? Well, it turned out to be a major hit, and Polaroid has decided to continue with the platform, upgrading it for late-2018 with the new OneStep+ – which adds Bluetooth and app connectivity to the OneStep 2’s instant camera capabilities.

From the outside, it looks virtually identical save for the markings in the corner, reading OneStep+ as opposed to OneStep2.  And that’s because it is – the body and build are pretty much the same as the original. But it adds some unique features that set it apart from its predecessor.

The first of these features is the Bluetooth connectivity, as mentioned. You can pair the camera with your smartphone and then download the Polaroid Originals app. The app lets you do all sorts of handy camera functions you wouldn’t normally be able to, such as use a remote trigger (making selfies all kinds of easier), shoot double exposures (fun for all kinds of creative and experimental stuff), use ‘Light Painting,” which lets you draw with a light source (not sure how this works, to be honest), set up a 12-second self-timer, set up a noise trigger that lets you snap pictures by clapping your hands or some other similar sound, and last of all – Manual Mode, which lets you control the camera functions like exposure, shutter speed and flash with ease.

Furthermore, the OneStep+ also comes with a second Portrait Mode lens, which allows you to shoot closeups and portraits from as close as one foot, complete with soft bokeh and blur – instantly turning you into an accomplished photographer, just like the iPhone has always done.

Just like the OneStep2, it works with both classic i-Type film and 600 film, and prints you images instantly. It also runs off a USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery and weighs just one pound.

The OneStep+ is the perfect camera for a vintage-photo enthusiast who also wants the convenience and connectivity of a shooting on a smartphone. You can grab one for yourself for $159.

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