Sure, smartphones and selfies are cool. But instant cameras and film are even cooler. Unfortunately, ever since cells phone became ubiquitous, we haven’t seen a lot of either around; there’s always been a few, but Polaroid, the one everyone cares about – has been absent. Polaroid has just announced what they call the Onestep 2 i-Type, a relaunch of and throwback to the instant cameras of old. Yes, most of us grew up with the Polaroid instant photos that faded with time. And most of us have transitioned to the “Cadillacs” of digital cameras. However, this Onestep is just cool–and nostalgic.

Polaroid touts the Onestep 2 i-Type as an “analog instant camera for the modern era, blending classic design with contemporary style.” The name One-Step references the original Onestep (originally released 40 years ago), and refers to just how simple and easy it is to use – just one step to take a picture – and it’s got a a 2 foot to infinity lens, rechargeable battery (via USB) that can last up to 60 days, bright, built-in flash, and of course, a self-timer. Just point the camera, press the button, and within seconds, a printed picture pops out into your hand. The Onestep 2 I-type works with a variety of different films, both i-Type and 600 film, Black and White or Color, letting you choose the style you like best.

There’s just something satisfying about shooting with film, something you can’t replicate with digital cameras or your phone. We think it has something to do with the fact you can’t change the picture after you’ve taken it, and no photo is ever perfect. This makes it a particularly good way of learning photography, without the fancy dials and overcomplicated settings on a DSLR. So if you’re a fan of shooting pure, unaltered photos but don’t quite have the patience to actually develop film – or you’ve just got a hankering for classic stuff – Polaroid’s got you covered. And it’s only $100. What’s not to love? It will be released October 16th.

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