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Never Lose Your Keys Again With Tile Mate

Tile Mate Bluetooth

Can’t find your wallet? Misplaced your keys for the 79th time? Thanks to the Tile Mate, you’ll never have to backtrack frantically again.

The new, updated version of the Tile Mate is 25% smaller than the original. It attaches to your keys, wallet, phone – or anything else you wish – using either adhesive, or the integrated loop hole. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The Tile Mate app records the last place your item was seen at, and should you forget where it is, you can simply look it up on your phone.

If it’s in the room but you can’t seem to find it, your phone can ring the Tile Mate within range, alerting you whether under cushions, between car seats or in a bag. And if you’ve lost your phone, you can simply press the button on the Tile Mate, and your phone will ring – even if you left it on silent.

Battery life on a Tile Mate lasts one year from the date it is first used, and at their affordable price, you can just replace it annually. You can even customize your Tile Mate’s ringtone!  The app works with both iPhone and Android devices, and should you still be unable to find your item, you can call in the help of over 5 million Tile users across the country.

Pretty cool, huh? We’re excited to try out a few for ourselves, and look forward to never losing our keys again.


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