We love turntables. The tradition and old-fashioned ritual of listening to vinyl just can’t be beat – especially if you consider yourself somewhat of an audiophile. And a classic turntable just looks great with any décor. And if that décor leans toward a minimalist design, you ought to plunge for a minimalist turntable like the Wheel by Miniot.

The Wheel is called The Wheel as it is, simply, a wheel. A spinning surface on which your vinyl lays. Unlike most turntables, it will actually play the bottom side instead of the top, as the arm is placed on the bottom surface. All the usual turntable controls (On/off, play/pause, volume, even next or previous track) are integrated into a single stick in the center console. Turn the stick, and you can control the volume to the headphone port.

The linear tonearm is built around a AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge, which is known for it’s rich sound, fidelity and clear detail. It’s also machined out of rich, brown mahogany.

The entire thing is also analog; the audio is sent from the tonearm to RCA ports, without any digital conversion for signal. You can toggle between phono and pre-amp with a switch, and there’s a headphone amp built-in, with a 3.5mm AUX output. To get the best sound, you’ll probably need to wire it to an amp or sound system. But that’s also when it sounds best – so why wouldn’t you? (Miniot also says you can attach a wireless receiver for Bluetooth speakers, if you prefer).

Best part: You can hang Wheel vertically and mount it to the wall or stand it upright in a stand. Something you definitely can’t do with most record players.

If you’re looking for a unique, high-quality and aesthetically minimalist turntable, Wheel is the way to go. It plays at 33,3 or 45 rpm as well.

Wheel Minimalist Turntable-1 wheel-miniot-minimalist-turntable-1 wheel-miniot-minimalist-turntable-2