When it comes to stocking your gear bag, one of the first items to add is a reliable tactical flashlight. What is the key word here? “Reliable!” When you want reliable lighting gear, turn to Fenix. The new Fenix TK22UE Tactical Flashlight is the flashlight that delivers performance worthy of a place in your gear bag.

Unbelievable Lumen Output From a Compact Body Form

Gone are the days of a little bulb in your grandpappy’s flashlight. You know, that flashlight that you hoped would illuminate 30 feet in front of you. The Fenix TK22UE Tactical Flashlight is designed with a Luminus SST40 LED which produces a maximum output of 1600 Lumens from a 5.9-inch A6061-T6 aluminum body. To get an idea of what 1600 Lumens looks like, visualize a beam with a reach of 1,328 feet! That’s pretty crazy! For those circumstances when you need less output, select from four other modes of 500-, 150-, or 20-lumen outputs.

High-End, Professional Features

Fenix has designed the TK22UE Tactical Flashlight with features to ensure the reliability you expect from your gear. The flashlight body is made of a lightweight, non-corrosive A6061-T6 aluminum material. The IP68 waterproof rating allows full operation in a deluge. Amazingly, the TK22UE flashlight will continue to operate when submerged up to 6 feet for a duration of 30 minutes. All seals create a barrier against grit and dust.

When selecting a flashlight for your gear bag, power source and runtimes are to be analyzed. The user of the TK22UE Flashlight has several options for flashlight power. Using a 21700 Lithium Ion 5000mAh rechargeable battery delivers an accumulated 2 hours 10 minutes of run time at the highest output setting. A rechargeable 18650 3500mAh battery will deliver an accumulated 1 hour 30 minutes of run time at the highest output setting. (Runtime may vary based on environmental circumstances.) By dropping to lower output modes, the Fenix TK22UC can operate for up to 80 hours–perfect performance for a bug-out bag.

Tactical Features for Those Critical Moments

Law enforcement and military across the globe turn to Fenix. Whether you want to hand carry your light or mount it to your weapon, the Fenix TK22UC Tactical Edition is ready with features for both. A must-have feature of a tactical flashlight is the strobe. When in the strobe mode, TK22UE delivers a flash at a frequency of 6Hz and 15Hz every 2 seconds. The resulting disorienting effect on the intruder allows the user to take command of the circumstance.

The tactical design also includes the instant power-up button at the rear of the flashlight. The protruding rear button is easily accessed when wearing gloves.

The tactical head of the flashlight is outfitted with tungsten steel hard alloy breaking tips. These tips are critical for strike force in self defense or when breaking glass is necessary.

So if you are looking for a flashlight that will be there when you need it, the Fenix TK22UE Tactical Flashlight fits the bill. With a price around $109, you may be a little hesitant. However, you can plan to get many years of use from a Fenix product. No longer will you need to pick up those throw-away flashlights at the checkout counter of the big box stores. Yes, those flashlights save you money; but will they be ready to deliver when you need them? Not a question with the Fenix TK22UE.

Fenix TK22UE Tactical Edt.