You probably have noticed, we at Gear for Life appreciate multi-functional products…gear that can be used multiple ways in multiple settings. Fenix Worldwide is known for their high-quality lighting gear.  One of Fenix’s newest releases is just what we value, the multi-use Fenix CL09 LED flashlight. Even though it is promoted as a camping lantern, we see many other uses.

How many times have you been under the sink trying to work on the plumbing but you just can’t see the problem? You have a flashlight, but it won’t shine on the problem–you need a third hand to hold it in place! The Fenix CL09 has a built-in magnetic base and a hanger so placing it where you need light is resolved. The light diffuser also disperses the light evenly 360 degrees. So think of all the places you can hang or stick the little torch to help you with those “honey-do lists.”

On a hike? This little light should be a part of your gear. The flashing red and green modes are perfect in an emergency. Cycling? Attach the flashlight light to your clothing to alert autos. We could go on and on about the advantages of all the features. However, you would be pleased with what you will find if you check it out.

Favorite Features of the Fenix CL09 LED Flashlight

  • Diffuser produces 360º illumination
  • Red constant on protects night vision and avoids attracting mosquitoes
  • Red flashing can serve as a signal or alerting light
  • Green light can serve as a beacon
  • Durable–made of aircraft aluminum. Waterproof up to 6.5 feet up to 30 minutes.
  • Includes a micro USB rechargeable battery; can also use a  CR123 Battery
  • Maximum of 200 lumens
  • Low setting that will operate up to 150 hours! Talk about an emergency lighting solution.
  • Small–slip in pocket or hang on keychain.

So if you don’t have a compact, versatile flashlight in your everyday carry gear, this is the one we recommend. Don’t waste your money on those cheap flashlights at the checkout counters of big-box stores. Go with a light that has a generous 5 1/2-year warranty. You read that right. That warranty should tell you the quality of this little baby. May the light force be with you.



Buy - $34.95
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