There’s definitely no shortage of flexible water bottles and containers out there, but we really like the HydraPak Stow. Available in 17-ounce and 1-liter sizes, the Stow is made of flexible thermoplastic polyurethane that is BPA and PVC-free, and flattens, rolls and scrunches up when not in use, so as to take up much less room in your pack once it’s empty. It’s 80% lighter than your average plastic water bottle and twice as convenient.

A cool feature we like about the HydraPak is the internal baffle on the 1-liter version, which makes it easier to hold and drink from. The seams are all welded for durability and to prevent leaks, while the nozzle is spill-proof. There’s an external capacity gauge that makes it easy to see how much you are drinking and how much you have left. There’s also a flexible bail handle for grabbing it easily, hanging it from your kit, or keeping it rolled up in your pack. It’s also designed to handle all sorts of weather and water temperatures – it can be frozen, and handle water up to 140F.

That’s a lot of though for a water bottle, but that’s how we like our gear. You can fit this into all sorts of nooks and crannies inside your pack when it’s empty and fill it right back up when you need it. HydraPak also makes the Stash in similar sizes, which isn’t quite as flexible and doesn’t pack down quite as small, but instead twists to about ¼ of it’s full size. But it’s another good option is you’d like a little more shape and stability in your flexible water bottle.

Oh, and they’re much less expensive than similarly sized stainless steel water bottles, and more drinkable than Platypus bottles. The HydraPak Stow is the perfect choice for storing a lot of water without taking up too much space.

HydraPak-Stow-1 v HydraPak-Stow-4 HydraPak-Stow-6 HydraPak-Stow-5