From a backpack to a kayak in five minutes! Be inspired if you were every one to make paper airplanes. The world of kayaking is now open to all. In the past, transporting a kayak to your favorite location depended on having a vehicle to transport the kayak. HYPAR has changed kayaking. The HYPAR Fold-up Kayak is easily carried in your truck or the back seat of your auto.

Constructed of pre-folded sheets of a honeycomb-structured corrugated polypropylene, the HYPAR fold-up kayak is built to stand up to at least 20,000 folding cycles without leaking. That’s a lot of boating! It’s a one-person craft with a unique stern design—wide & flat, giving the boat a stable, efficient shape for cutting across the water with ease & then folds up easily to fit in the trunk of your car.

With a sharp bow and wide stern that are designed to pierce the water and eliminate drag, the convertible kayak — which can unfold from backpack to water-ready in under five minutes — is also able to be used as a rowboat, sailboat or solar-powered motorboat.

Featuring a streamlined hull made from a custom polypropylene material that was specifically made to handle marine conditions, the HYPAR looks like a solid option for solo water treks and a sustainable one at that as each model is fully recyclable and will be replaced if damaged.

HYPAR Kayak Specifications

  • Weight: 18 pounds
  • Material: Custom polypropylene
  • Sustainable in sea water or fresh water
  • Foldable up to 20,000 times
Buy - $800.00
HYPAR Foldable Kayak HYPAR Foldable Kayak HYPAR Foldable Kayak HYPAR Foldable Kayak HYPAR Foldable Kayak