Have $400 to drop on a single pair of jeans? Saint Unbreakable may not be the first “designer name” you think of, but their Unbreakable Jeans are just as good – if not better – than a lot of the other names out there, especially for motorcycling.

Unbreakable Jeans made of the brand’s Unbreakable 4.0 fabric, which is 52% Dyneema, 2% elastane, 9% polyamide and 37% cotton, which means that not only do they look good,  but they are also tough – built to last a fall from a bike and slide across pavement for up to 4.1 seconds.  Saint Unbreakable boasts that Dyneema fibers are stronger than steel and can float on water, and their fabric is the world’s first strong enough to meet European safety standards for motorcycle wear. Hopefully, you’ll never have to put this capability to the test, but it’s good to know that they’re there.

Saint Unbreakable They also dye each pair 14 times – 12 indigo and 2 black baths – for the perfect indigo color. When you combine the 180-degree stretch they offer with the slim-cut, stylish silhouette, you’ve got a pair of jeans that looks and feels like a million bucks all the time.

Should you find yourself looking for an absolutely indestructible pair (and with a burgeoning wallet), however, you may want to look at the Unbreakable 6 Jeans. These bad boys clock in at $600 per pair, but are made with Unbreakable 6.0 fabric – capable of a 5.9 second slide and single-layer, 66% UHMWPE, 34% Cotton fabric.

Okay, so they’re a not cheap. But these jeans are as tough as they get, and perfect for wearing whether on the bike or off.

saint-unbreakable-jeans_on_bike saint-unbreakable-jeans_back saint-unbreakable-skinny_jeans saint-unbreakable-jeans-front saint-unbreakable-jeans_bike_2 saint-unbreakable-jeans_bike