A dive watch is a unique piece, one that is both practical and a luxurious accessory. It was really only a matter of time before someone decided to make one that combines the best of the dive watch with the smartwatch. Garmin, everybody’s favorite GPS maker, has done just that. The Garmin Descent MK1 is a “versatile GPS dive computer” ready for adventure. It has a 1.’2″ color display, with TOPO mapping. An array of built-in sensors include a 3-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter, as well as the usual GPS and GLONASS satellite capability, and come with EXO multidirectional antennas to ensure good reception everywhere you are. You can mark your entry and exit points on the watch for navigating, and it touts itself as the first dive watch to have full on-screen mapping and location reference. It works with single-gas, multi-gas, gauge and apnea diving. With the Descent Mk1, all your navigation needs are covered.

The Descent MK1 now comes with Elevate™ wrist heart rate technology to keep track of your pulse; Elevate features multisport activity profiles, tracks and measures your performance, and you can choose from a variety of different presets: running, biking, hiking, skiing. Smart notifications, when paired with your smartphone, let you check and receive text messages, emails, etc, right from your wrist.

The battery will last up to 19 days in watch mode, 10 days in smartwatch mode, 40 hours in dive mode and 20 hours in GPS modeA dive log lets you keep track of your last 10,000 dives (that’s a lot of dives), and you can share them with the mobile app and the included Garmin Connect.

The Garmin Descent Mk1 comes in two styles – a stainless steel bezel with treated silicone watch band, and a titanium bezel version with brushed DLC titanium bracelet. It also has a QuickFit band, which lets you switch out the wrist band for something you prefer.

So, channel your inner James Bond, but do it with some smart capabilities. This watch is ready for anything, and will keep you safe and on point during your next dive.

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