Forget a romantic evening by the fire pit. These Myard Skull Fireplace Logs are really neat…and creepy.

Skull Fireplace Log Features

  • Designed, Manufactured in CA USA.
  • Made of fire proof materials so they are great for a fire place or fire pit.
  • Weather resistant and heavy so they will not be blown away in high winds.
  • Hand painted using a 5-step process.
  • Life size, detailed, and very realistic.
  • The log is steel reinforced, plus produced with lave granules plus significant heat ceramic refractory which is employed to check rocket machines.
  • Handmade
  • Dimensions: About an adult skull. Averagely, the length is 8-9 inches, width is 6.5-7.5 inches. Heavy. Highly detailed, hand painted refractory fire log.
  • Type: Imitated Human Skull Fire Gas Log with 3 color choices – White, Black, Brown
  • Approved Certification is through OMNI TESTING LABORATORIES. Indoor gas logs sets have limited LIFETIME WARRANTY by manufacturer.
Skull Fireplace Logs Skull Fireplace Logs