We’re certainly no strangers to titanium knives, but we’re not super familiar with diving knives. Not just any old knife will do when you’re diving underwater, and protection against corrosion and rust becomes more important than ever before. So Atomic Aquatics set out to solve this problem. With a corrosion-resistant, full-tang titanium blade, the Ti6 Titanium Diving Knife is a versatile and durable knife equipped for dives of all depths.

The Ti6 features 4-inch titanium blade with slight sweeping curve, with a straight edge on one side and serrated cutting edge on the other. It comes in two models – blunt or pointed. Blunt comes in handy when you to avoid any possible punctures or popping of equipment under water, or on your rubber raft. There’s also a large line-cutting notch on the blade for making quick work of ropes or fishing lines you may find yourself tangled in – that’s a scary situation that will make you thankful for a diving knife.

Atomic also designed the sheath to get the job done easily; it locks the knife in securely and releases it instantaneously with a quick-release button that can be employed with one finger. There are also quick-adjust straps to ensure its tight and comfortable at every moment of your dive. There’s a lanyard hole to ensure you don’t lose it underwater, and the titanium end cap is removable so you can disassemble the knife for cleaning after a dive.