Main features of Tactica M.100 Multitool:

  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Travel-friendly and lightweight
  • Hardened stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty and sturdy body
  • Interchangeable head bits
  • Sleek and modern design

Multitools come in various shapes, but it’s tricky to find a versatile and reliable gadget. So, to help you with this process, we scoured the web and tested dozens of gimmicks and devices.

For instance, Tactica M.100 Multitool is a new kid on the block, but it already comes highly recommended. It took the world by storm, so we had to take it for a test. Here’s what we learned.

Tactica: Multitool Innovation at its Best

Launched in 2016 after a highly successful crowdfunding campaign, Tactica quickly became a significant name in the multitool industry. In essence, people worldwide recognized the energy and passion instilled in every product created by this Australian startup.

Nowadays, Tactica operates from Melbourne, Victoria, selling quality multitools to a global audience. Currently, the company offers several products to cover the EDC market and provide the users with innovative solutions. So, weekend warriors and lovers of outdoor adventures should check out the offering and browse through the Tactica website.

How to Find the Best Multitool?

The idea behind owning a multi-practical device is to have it by your side at all times and to handle various situations. In other words, versatility and functionality are of the utmost importance, but many models on the market fail to deliver on this front. That’s why it’s crucial to perform the research and make an informed decision when buying a multitool.

For example, some of the essential elements to consider when searching for the best multitool are size, materials, versatility, and price. Namely, the dimensions of your preferred gadget will depend on the usage, but it’s all about hitting the sweet spot between compactness and usability. In other words, it should fit into your pocket or a backpack, but it shouldn’t be too small and unable to handle daily tasks.

Likewise, the best multitools use only the best materials, but with no significant increase in the overall price of the product. Again, balance is the key, and, for example, Tactica M100 Multitool is excellent in combining these elements. Finally, the top-ranked EDC gear should offer maximum versatility to cover a broad range of tasks and day-to-day activities.

High-Quality, Composite Materials

As we already said, Tactica is a relatively young Australian company with an ambitious team and innovative ideas. In September 2017, they released the cool-looking M100 Multitool, a multi-practical, nifty device that will get the job done regardless of where the adventure takes you.

Primarily, Tactica has opted for durable and dependable materials, such as the sturdy composite plastic in the handle. To be precise, the word “plastic” might not be the best choice in this case, given that Tactica M100 features a comfortable yet rugged outer shell. In a way, the material is somewhere between rubber and extra-hard plastic, offering top-notch performances and long-term usage.

Functional and Pragmatic

Nowadays, multitools and EDC gear come in all shapes and sizes. But, of course, the goal is to make the gadget as handy and helpful as possible.

For instance, Tactica M100 Multitool comes with a scratch-free surface that allows you to use it for various tasks. Likewise, the M100 multitool offers left- and right-handed use for increased functionality. Overall, the tool’s length is around 3 inches, with a width of 1½ inches.

Lightweight & Compact

Speaking of the dimensions, we should also mention that the Tactica M100 Multitool has ½ of depth and weighs only 1.6 ounces. Thanks to the composite outer, the M100 weighs next to nothing. Thus, you’ll wear it around without even noticing that it hangs from your belt.

Unlike most multitools, including the famous Leatherman ones, the one from Tactica does not feel like you’re wearing a brick in your pocket. Plus, the M100 has an empty central area that allows effortless attachments to carabiners, belts, or ropes.

Plenty of Tools and Accessories

Now we come to the crucial aspect of Tactica M100 Multitool—the selection of tools integrated into this compact unit. Well, you’ll be glad to hear that the M100 features many elements, such as an inch ruler, a universal wrench, and a bottle opener. Then, of course, there’s also the metric ruler, together with a dependable package opener.

If that’s not enough, you’ll also get a heavy-duty socket and functional storage for hex bits. As you probably noticed, this multitool supports Phillips or flathead screwdriver bits, allowing you to fix household appliances or repair car parts with no extra tools.

How to Use It?

From what we’ve seen, the M100 is up there with the best, even though it has a few drawbacks. For instance, the internal ruler might not be the most convenient option, but it will help when needed.

In any case, the selling points of this model are the interchangeable bits combined with practical storage space. The internal chamber can hold two standard-sized ¼ hex bits, and you can then use this tool for various quick repairs around the house. Also, the ergonomic handle allows for effortless usage of the package opener, which can be an excellent option when you need to open lots of boxes.

Should You Buy It?

We tested the Tactica M100 Multitool in various surroundings, and it passed every test with flying colors. It will handle the weather with ease if you take it outdoors, but it also works like a charm for indoor tasks and repairs.

Most importantly, the compact M100 is travel-friendly and easy to use. Also, it comes at an affordable price, providing excellent value for money. Given that premium materials result in long-term usage, buying one of these gadgets is a safe bet.