What’s to like about Titan Diver Tactical Knife:

  • Hand-forged Damascus steel
  • Tanto-shaped 4-inch blade
  • Overall length: 9 inches
  • Blade thickness: 2.5 mm
  • A textured cherry wood handle
  • Well-balanced and ergonomic
  • Lifetime warranty

If you are looking for the best gifts for men, a dependable knife will always be a good idea, especially if the present goes to an outdoorsy-oriented gentleman. However, the market offers various options, making it tricky to separate the best from the rest.

Well, we scoured the web to find top-quality blades and stumbled upon a new kid on the block. After a few days of testing, it turned out that Titan Diver Tactical Knife deserves the attention it gets.

So, here’s what we learned about this cool-looking EDC knife while preparing for this in-depth review.


The chances are you are not familiar with the name, so let’s first say a few words about Titan International Knives. After all, this knife-making brand is a relative newcomer, and it still has to prove its worth on the global stage.

In any case, Titan International Knives looks like an ambitious company on a mission to stand shoulder to shoulder with the most renowned knife-making brands in the US. Titan’s catalog currently features dozens of models, including hunting, gut-hook, skinning, and pocket knives. Moreover, you’ll also find daggers, karambit blades, and chef knives in this extensive collection.


As we already said, there are thousands of options in the tactical and EDC knife segment. Hence, finding the best price to value ratio can be challenging unless you consider the following aspects:


For centuries, people have been perfecting the art of knife-making. As a result, various shapes and sizes are now at our disposal. Nonetheless, the essential thing is to look for quality blades with durable and ergonomic handles.


Without high-quality ingredients and components, it’s almost impossible to get a high-quality product. The same goes for tactical blades, and that’s why you should pay extra attention to steel quality when buying an EDC knife. Likewise, check the materials used for the handle because this element also plays a role in day-to-day operations.


Speaking of frequent usage, we should also mention that buyers should look for knives that suit their needs and preferences. In other words, massive blades and cumbersome handles will only get in the way while skinning a deer or doing light chores. On the other hand, pocket knives are not the best option if you need a hunting knife capable of taking down a bear. So, choose accordingly.


High-end blades can cost a fortune, but most buyers can’t afford to be serious blade collectors, so they don’t need to spend massive amounts. In most cases, even budget-friendly tactical knives will get the job done. So, open four eyes before splashing the cash to buy the best EDC knife in 2022.


Now it’s time to dive deeper into the beautiful texture and design of the elegant Titan Diver EDC knife. Also, we’ll tell you more about the premium Damascus steel and the sturdy cherry wood handle.


As the name implies, Damascus steel was an iconic type of forged steel smithed in ancient Syria. More precisely, the ingots of Wootz steel imported from India gave these blades their distinctive wavy patterns.

So, how does Damasus steel perform as a part of the Titan Diver knife? From what we’ve seen, Titan International Knives created a durable yet flexible formula, thanks to the 3-step honing method. By hand-fording two types of steel (15n20 and 1095), Titan reached the desired HRC 58-60 hardness. As such, Titan Diver, with its Damascus edge, will outperform most stainless steel knives on the market.


It’s no secret that Damascus steel offers the most attractive patterns in the entire knife-making world. That’s why their reputation precedes these blades. Well, the Titan Diver EDC knife, with its tanto point and a thick handle, is also a feast for hungry eyes.

To be precise, the textured cherry wood handle comes with two brass rivets for extra durability. But, of course, these two details only improve the overall points for design. Likewise, the 4-inch blade features a classic Damasus steel structure with wavy shapes and irregular patterns.


Admittedly, the cool-looking Titan Diver tactical knife comes with top-notch aesthetics. At the same time, this model also offers excellent usability and performance.

For instance, a convenient detail is the handy lanyard hole at the back of the wooden handle. Thus, you can attach the Diver knife to your belt or wrap the lanyard around the wrist when cutting or slicing. Speaking of carrying, we should also mention that Titan Diver comes equipped with a sturdy leather sheath. This no-nonsense piece of leather features double stitching, making it extra safe and resilient.

Overall, the efficient Titan Diver knife performs well in various settings. It will handle almost any task with ease, allowing you to bring it with you when going camping, fishing, boating, hunting.


With its overall length of 9 inches, Titan Diver might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you are a blade collector or an avid outdoorsy person, this model is a steal at the current price of $70.

We tested it in various environments, and the ultra-sharp steel always exceeded expectations. After all, hand-forged Damasus steel is as durable and sharp as steel gets, and it’s no surprise that Titan International offers a lifetime warranty for this model.

So, what more could you need? If you need a high-quality tactical knife for an affordable price, the stylish Titan Diver EDC knife with a tanto point and cherry wood handle should be the perfect option.