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The 3Coil Puna Claims To Be The World’s Smallest Multitool

3Coil Puna World's smallest multitool

That’s a bold claim; world’s smallest multitool. But we’re almost confident 3Coil can claim the title with the Puna. This tiny little tool really puts the mini in mini multitool. Coming in at about 3” long, super thin, and fitting well within the palm of your hand, the Puna looks like an AR-15 (for some reason) but contains 5 different useful tools: a scalpel blade, bottle opener, screwdriver bit, micro screwdriver, keychain. They use a scalpel blade because of how convenient it is: you can simply replace it as it dulls, and should you find yourself traveling through the airport or other such secure place, simply toss it, buying a new one later.

The Puna is made of stainless steel and comes in a fancy aluminum display case. We hope you’ll keep it firmly hooked to your belt loop or lanyard, however, and not in the case.

But really, it’s that simple. A cool little knife that fits anywhere, has some useful tools, and fits in about half the palm of your hand. You can also grab one of 3Coil’s Crane knives, which is a mini scalpel knife that measures only 2” long, for when you need something practically unnoticeable in your pocket.

Grab one for yourself on IndieGogo.

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