Man-made fire is the most ancient of human inventions.

But for some reason, this old technology continues to escape us whenever there’s a slight draft.

If you use matches or fuel-based lighters, you can almost definitely think of a time when you were trying to light something and completely failed.

If you’ve ever experienced this situation, then we have some good news. There’s a new invention you need to know about. Once again, humanity has overcome nature to set the world ablaze – without fuel!

Plasma lighters aren’t just bringing fire into the 21st century. They are also an essential piece of kit for everyday carry.

What Are Plasma Lighters?

Plasma lighters are powered by electricity, rather than butane.

When you click the button, the lighter generates a plasma flame. This flame is even hotter than fire. It works by generating a tiny arc of electricity between two ceramic electrodes.

A plasma lighter emits either a single arc or a double arc flame. The single arc generates less heat, simply because there’s a smaller area. Double arc flames are hotter. This is because there are two flames.

If you’re trying to light a candle or a cigarette, a single arc flame works well. Double arc flames are much better for larger cigars.

7 Dependable Plasma Lighters to Buy

By now, you’re probably ready to replace all of your old school lighters with a plasma lighter. And why not? They last longer, work in all conditions and are way more attractive than cheap butane lighters. Plus, they just look cool.

We’ve put together a list of 7 popular (and dependable) lighters to choose from.

Check it out and get ready to select the best option for you.

1. Tesla Coil Lighters

Lighter Tesla

Telsa lighters are some of the most popular plasma lighters on the market.

This is in no small part because its chrome finish is attractive. But it’s also easy to use and is free from butane. Plus, you can even hold it upside down to light hard to reach wicks or kindling.

When fully charged, the battery lasts for a week, or 100 to 300 clicks. The battery should hold its charge for 8 to 12 months if it’s sitting idle.

The lighter comes with a cloth bag, which is ideal for protecting the finish of the lighter. The hinge is also sturdy. This is ideal for safety, because it won’t light up when it’s in your pocket.

2. SPPARX Arc Lighter

Lighter Spparx

The SPPARX model is the first dual arc model on this list.

You’ll remember that dual arc lighters have a second flame. This means that they’re better for lighting things like medium-size cigars.

This model is made of an attractive zinc alloy casing. It also comes in five different colors. Customers love the matte finish in their favorite shade. They also like the durability of the lighter. It seems that you’d have to throw it across the room to break it.

The full charge on this model will give you a week’s worth of use, or about 300 sparks.

3. BOLT Lighter

Lighter Bolt

This BOLT lighter is a slimline version of a plasma lighter.

Its shape better resembles a plastic butane lighter. This means it is ideal for carrying it around in your pocket, or in a pack of cigarettes. Generally, customers find it more practical than some of the larger models.

The BOLT lighter charges in a few hours and lasts around a week. The body is also durable and the color doesn’t peel off.

4. Mantello Coil Lighter

Lighter Mantello

Here’s another dual arc lighter. The Mantello Coil Lighter comes with the USB cable, pouch, and a user manual. Like the others, it’s safe, and the button makes it easy to use.

It has an industry-standard zinc-alloy casing and a ceramic head. But the packaging is minimal compared to other lights. This can actually be a good thing, because bulkier lighters can be a nuisance.

A full charge on this lighter lasts half a week or half a carton of cigarettes.

Customers like this lighter, because it’s utility extends beyond lighting up. The safety and shape of the lighter allow for more accuracy in tasks like searing nylon straps.

5. Plazmatic X

Lighter Plazmatic

Plazmatic X lighters are some of the most hyped plasma lighters out there. They’re also some of the most expensive — even on sale.

However, they come in a stunning array of colors and designs, ranging from traditional patterns to in-the-moment graphics.

These lighters come with a lifetime limited warranty. But what sets them apart from their aesthetic is the whisper function. Most plasma lighters make a non-offensive hissing sound when they’re lit. However, this one is totally silent.

6. Ralix Electronic Lighter

Lighter Ralix

The body of the Ralix Electronic Lighter is made of a zinc alloy – not plastic. The zinc case means it’s stylish, but it won’t melt with regular use.

This model is a single arc lighter, so it’s best for lighting candles and cigarettes. You should also avoid using it for more than six seconds. This means it’s definitely not a lighter to use for heavy-duty tasks.

When fully charged, the battery lasts for a full week, or as long as it takes to light 4 packs of cigs. Ralix also added a light on the body that switches off when it’s done charging. This is usually after 1.5 to 2 hours.

So, you don’t need to worry about wearing out the battery.

7. Kivors 360 Dual Arc Lighter

Lighter Kivors

The Kivors 360 Dual Arc Lighter is different from every other lighter on this list. This is because it offers unobstructed access to the dual arc. This makes it the best option to light larger-sized cigars.

Otherwise, it offers many of the same features as the other lighters. It charges in a few hours, lasts for around a week, and includes the safety features. These prevent it from lighting up in your pocket.

Ready To Light Your Fire?

Finally, man has mastered fire.

Whether you’re looking for a new addition to your survival pack in the woods or a night in, plasma lighters are a more efficient way of lighting up every single time.

Do you have a plasma lighter or a creative use for one? Let us know.