Estwing has been making reliable outdoor tools for 95 years, and every piece they create is imbued with a sense of classic American workmanship and rugged outdoorsmanship. The kind of stuff America was built on. The Sportsman’s Axe is the most famous example of this; no doubt you’ve seen the classic lacquered leather handle in a toolshed or barn. Or every toolshed or barn ever. Forged from one piece of hefty, American-made steel, it’s as durable a tool as you could possibly ask for and built for tackling just about every chopping you could ask of it – cutting firewood, logs, kindling, taking down small trees. Anything you need a hatchet to do.

The blade is drop-forged from carbon steel, known for its hardness and ability to keep an edge, while still being durable. It’s hand sharpened and polished to a perfect edge.  You can choose from 2-length blades – The 2.75″ or 3.25″ –  and 2-length handles. The grip is made of leather, sanded, and lacquered to last years. If not decades. To top it off, Estwing throws in a nylon sheath, and the entire thing is made right here in the USA. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

Whatever you’re looking for – a hatchet to keep around the tool shed, or compact camping axe for weekends in the woods – the Sportsman’s Axe will get the job done, while adding some vintage rugged style. Weighs 1.9 pounds.

Estwing-Sportsmans-Axe-3 Estwing-Sportsmans-Axe-2 Estwing-Sportsmans-Axe-Sheath