When you’re on the go – whether on a 30-mile hike or 80-mile bike ride – you need the right fuel in order to keep yourself up and running. And when you’re hungry or thirsty during one of those activities, you need that fuel to come quickly and in a convenient package, as well as without the junk that makes up so many energy bars or the insane amount of sugar in your typical sports drink. That’s where Skratch Labs got started.

Skratch was started when their founder – a scientist and cycling coach – started making his own energy bars from scratch, using only natural ingredients that not only taste good but are actually good for the person eating them, too. You know, things like nuts and seeds, real fruit, rice, coconut. Their Anytime Energy Bar, for example, comes in three flavors: Chocolate Chips and Almonds, Cherries and Pistachios, and Savory Miso, all three of which are entirely natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc. And yes, they taste good – very good.

What about their hydration mixes? The Sport Hydration Mix was first created as a healthier alternative to regular sports drinks, which are generally loaded with sugar and often sickeningly sweet. Many of them didn’t even have all the right electrolytes to replace those lost in sweat.

So Skratch Labs got down to the science of sweat, formulating a drink that contains far less sugar while matching the exact electrolytes lost in sweat (such as 800mg sodium and 80mg magnesium per liter). And it’s made from real fruit – no artificial sweeteners and flavors in sight.

So if you put a value on real food and nutrition, skip the grocery-store sports drinks and throw some Skratch Labs mixes and bars in your pack for trekking long distances or setting a new PR. It tastes better and is far better for you.

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