There’s a new commuter bike in town, making the rounds around social media. It’s the Priority 600, a beautifully auto-inspired piece of machinery that may not cause much of a stir in the looks department but is well-crafted bike that delivers in the smooth-riding department.

The highlight of the Priority 600 is seated inside the steel frame; a Pinion 12-speed gearbox,  that is based on an automotive design and was created and designed by Porsche engineers, eliminating the need for any chain or derailleurs. It’s named after the gearbox’s 600% gear range, which comes out equivalent to a 30-speed bicycle. There’s no gear overlap and the gearbox is sealed, to make it suitable and durable enough for year-round riding. All you have to do to switch gears is make a simple twist of the handlebar and you’re on your way.

It’s paired with a Gates Carbon Drive Belt, and sits on a WTB 650B Road Plus platform, which according to Priority has the contact patch of a traditional 700C road bike tire but also offers some good grip and smooth riding on bumpy terrain (like gravel trails). Add that to the Tektro Hydraulic Disc brakes, and you have a versatile, all-around bike that is good for more than just the morning commute.

Our one concern with this bike is that the gearbox might make repairs and maintenance somewhat more complicated. It eliminated any need for a derailleur, and should run for a long, long time with no problems. But when it does go wrong, who fixes it? It’s also certainly not cheap.

But, if you can afford it, Priority 600, is a worthy bike that can make biking around town that much easier.

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