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Trtl is The Travel “Pillow” Will Finally Make Sleeping On Airplanes Easy

Trtl Travel Pillow

Ever tried to sleep comfortably on a plane? It sucks. Especially in economy. The seat can’t recline enough to let you lean back, and there’s literally nowhere to rest your head. Except on your own shoulders, and that just sucks. You know how bad it is; we don’t need to tell you. Good news, though. Because Trtl is gonna solve that problem.

Trtl is by far the most innovative and unusual travel pillow we’ve laid eyes on. And it’s far more effective than your typical 3/4-donut style plush pillows most people use. Buried underneath all that plush microfiber fleece and foam padding is an adjustable internal support, which provides a comfortable, customized resting place for your head so you can catch some refreshing sleep – no matter how long that plane or car ride is.

It’s super simple to use. Simply loop it around your neck, adjust the height to your liking, and wrap the front part around and Velcro in place. You’re ready to sleep. Breathable mesh and soft microfleece ensure you’re always comfortable, and you can choose whichever direction you’d like to sleep in, leaning your head to the right, the left or the front. Simple!Trtl Travel Pillow 2

Trtl includes a water-resistant travel bag with carabiner. Sure, it looks more like a neck brace than a pillow – but if it’s comfortable, we ain’t complaining.

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