Like the CRKT Goken, the Williams Tactical Pen was designed by James Williams, martial arts master and former Army officer. And like the Goken, it’s Hissatsu and the Hisshou, Williams’ first CRKT knives. CRKT calls it a “clean, futuristic interpretation” of one of mankind’s basic tools – the simple pen. It’s made from a beautiful 6061 aluminum, precision-machined, and with a hard-coat color anodized, and you can count on it to last you years of wear and tear. You can also get it in a non-reflective, tactical black finish. The tapered design on the pen body allows it to be comfortably gripped. Overall, the Williams Tactical Pen honestly looks a little bit less like a “tacpen” and more like a fine writing instrument that is built to last.

But don’t let that you fool you; it’s just as functional as any other similar tactical pen. And what does that mean? Most easily, it functions as a spike, for stabbing, jabbing, and even breaking objects – like windows. With proper training, it can function as a very good defensive tool – which is definitely what James Williams had in mind when he designed it. When you don’t need to use it, clip it conveniently to your pocket. And it works with Fisher Space Pen ink inserts, so refilling is easy and cheap, and the writing itself is smooth.

The Williams Tactical Pen is as functional as it is attractive, and makes a reliable weapon when you need it. That’s all we ask for from our writing instruments.

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