We all enjoy listening to some tunes when we’re riding or chewing up some slopes. But headphones can be a bit of a hassle, and not to mention dangerous when you can’t hear your surroundings. Thankfully, there’s Domio. This device from our Canadian neighbors up north, Domio Sports, mounts to your helmet and then uses micro-vibration to create full-on surround sound.

It uses Domio’s Vibro-Audio technology to literally turn the inside of your helmet into a sound system. Traditionally, sound is transmitted through the air, but Vibro-Audio does it through solids instead, by creating micro vibrations. So yes, you can listen to all your favorite music without even a pair of sport earbuds. Which means you can use this for biking, snowboarding, skiing, skating – whatever you’d like – while still remaining perfectly safe.

It’s dead-simple to use, with only three buttons, and has a rechargeable battery made to last an entire day outside. Simply mount it to the top of your helmet, connect it to your phone (or whatever) via Bluetooth and start listening. It’s also waterproof and shock-resistant for whatever weather, water or nasty spills you decide to take on.

The Domio is definitely one of the coolest, most innovative devices we’ve seen in recent years, and we’re excited to take it for a spin.

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