The worst part thing about messenger bags (and other forms of luggage) is how expensive they can be – if you’re looking for a good one, that is it. You’ll be hard pressed to find a high-quality, durable messenger bag for less than $100, and if you’d like a leather one, your options are even slimmer. Almost any affordable bag in that price range will fall apart within a few months or a year. But, thankfully, not all. There’s a reason why this sub-$100 bag from Timbuk2 is the best messenger bag for a budget.

Timbuk2 hails from San Francisco, and was started on the back of a bike messenger’s bike back in 1989. (Technically, it was in his garage). Almost 30 years later, and they are still creating some of the coolest, most useful messenger bags you’ll ever sling over your shoulder. And for such a simple bag, their design choices are obvious. The Classic Messenger eschews a more traditional leather build of briefcases for lighter (And less expensive) nylon Cordura and 100% polyester construction, and comes in just about any color you can imagine. Inside is a waterproof, 100% TPU liner that keeps rain out, and there is an internal organizer with 5 slots for keeping your equipment (phone, pens, folders) neat, and an internal water bottle pocket. The adjustable shoulder strap features a super light airmesh strap pad. Compression straps on the bottom keeps it tight and compact for zipping around town on your bike.

Best of all, the Timbuk2 Messenger can be had for less than a single Benjamin, but delivers quality far better than you would normally get for this price. That’s why we’ve really crowned it the best messenger bag for a budget. We expect you’ll be riding around with this bag over your shoulder for quite some time. (Available in a variety of colors)

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