What’s to like about GoPro HERO9 Black:

  • 5K Ultra HD video
  • Front and rear display
  • Improved battery life
  • Removable lens cover
  • Intuitive controls
  • Rugged and durable

In the last couple of years, the GoPro HERO series evolved into the dominant leader in the action camera market. Only a few models can even come close to GoPro HERO, let alone take over the throne.

As expected, the guys behind this brand are not resting on their laurels, and the ninth generation of GoPro takes the game to a whole new level. So, let’s take a look at the features of the GoPro HERO9 Black. Buckle up, cause the adventure is about to start!

Enhanced design

In comparison to its predecessor, HERO9 is a bit bulkier, i.e. the new model is a few millimetres wider. Of course, this change will not affect the functionality of the device, and you’ll be able to carry it around with ease.

At the same time, GoPro HERO9 Black brings a change in the form of a removable lens cover. Yes, you can easily take it off and replace this piece if you ever scratch the surface. But we warn you; it will take some effort to damage this little guy because HERO9 is tough as nails. It can take a beating, and it will go with you below the water surface or high up in the air. In short, GoPro once again created a rugged and dependable action camera.

Impressive video quality

Now we come to, arguably, the most significant element of this device. Believe it or not, the advanced GoPro HERO9 Black will allow you to record video in 5K quality! Yes, Ultra HD is available thanks to a 23.6 sensor that takes photos in 20MP.

Sounds impressive? That’s because it is. Stunning imagery in pro-quality is now within reach, and all you need to do is press the record button on the body of this camera. As if that’s not enough, HERO9 will help with image processing by employing the so-called SuperPhoto system. This technology will enhance the quality and provide you with the best possible results.

Lots of features and shooting modes

Speaking of advanced technologies, we should mention that GoPro HERO9 Black comes equipped with an array of breathtaking features. For example, you’ll get the ultimate smoothness with the help of HyperSmooth 3.0 stabilization technology.

Likewise, GoPro HERO9 Black comes with Time Warp 3.0 for time-lapse scenes with up to 8x slo-mo shooting. Also, this action camera offers a webcam mode for live streaming in 1080p, which you can broadcast via the GoPro app or save to SD card. Last but not least, we should also mention the Hindsight feature, which will record 15 or 30 seconds before and after you press the record button.

Is it worth it?

Admittedly, the latest generation of GoPro comes with a steep price. Nonetheless, this camera is in a league of its own regarding performances and durability. In short, the exciting GoPro HERO9 Black is worth every penny!