Put simply: Relive is the cycling app that lets you relive your adventures, virtually. How, exactly? Relive uses data collected from your GPS, or phone app – such as Strava – to recreate your ride into a 3d animated video.

Created by a Dutch startup, Relive was created to let you visualize your trips in an easier, more…visual, way. Any number of apps collect data about your run, such as speed, pace, distance, etc. But numbers only go so far; to really understand how your bike trip (or run, or hike, or pretty much anything else) was spent, how much elevation you climbed, etc, it’s helpful to actually see the route you took – which Relive maps out for you in glorious 3d for you to enjoy and learn from. Data is cool, but it really only captures one side of the story; not only is the 3d video easier to visualize, it’s also way more fun.

Relive will even integrate photos you’ve taken along the route, using timestamps and location data, to place them exactly where you took them. It even highlights landmarks along the way.

All you have to do is download Relive onto your phone, setup an account and connect it with whatever other Fitness tracker you like – MapMyRide, Strava, Endomondo, MapMyRun, Garmin Connect. It works with all the major ones.

So, on its own, Relive doesn’t offer the same kind of performance tools as other fitness trackers and apps. But it’s a cool way to keep track of your rides and share them with your friends after the fact. Upload a video or two to Instagram and maybe get some people inspired to get out there themselves. If you’re fascinated with maps as we are, you’ll enjoy having this cycling app in your arsenal.


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