Everyone wants to save a few bucks while still gifting those special people in our lives. We have found some really great deals on stocking stuffer gear, but you will have to shop early to get these bargains.

OllyDog Olly Bottle

We can’t forget our pup while he is exercising with us. The OllyDog Olly bottle allows you to share your water without having to share slobber. This formfitting, snap-on bowl, is a 20 fl. oz. bottle which has the perfect capacity for dogs under 25 pounds. The bowl snaps onto the exterior of the water bottle to ensure less volume during workouts. The OllyDog is BPS-free and has a large opening for cleaning convenience.

Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit Solar Charger

No one today can be without their charged cell phone, which makes this the perfect gift. Just about anyone will appreciate The Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Adventure Kit Solar Charger…outdoor enthusiast or not. The Goal Zero boosts tablet power up to 25% and helps charge up cellphones, GPS units, and rechargeable batteries–just add sunshine. The portable size easily fits in a backpack. The handy magnetic closure encases the cables to keep everything secure.

Fenix HM23 LED Headlamp

Many people don’t realize they need a headlamp until they use one…then they wonder how they ever did without one. The Fenix HM23 LED Headlamp is the perfect size for convenient carry and has an amazing output of 240 Lumens for those close-up tasks as well as moderate distances. These features make it perfect for running, hiking, climbing, or looking under the bed for that lost Lego. Once you give this headlamp to the recipient, watch for the initial reaction then later ask how they are enjoying it. You are sure to hear rave reviews.

Rhodia Goalbook With Undated Calendar

The Rhodia Goalbook With Undated Calendar is that gift where you can make make note of that million dollar idea or the “light bulb” solution to that persistent task before you. The Goalbook sports a faux leather cover and premium 90 g ivory vellum acid-free, pH neutral paper. The dot grid design keeps your entries neat and the numbered pages helps with the organization of your thoughts. The French-made Goalbook has a glued flexible spine for comfort handling. The 240 pages will carry you through the whole year and document all those valuable thoughts.

Black Scorpion

Yep, you read that right. Surely you know someone who would love to find this in his/her stocking. The ecoEat Edible Asian Forest Scorpion comes in a foil patch and contains one large machine-dehydrated Heterometrus Longimanus Scorpion (Asian Forest Scorpion). The scorpion is sourced from farms in S.E. Asia that breed them especially for human consumption. They are fed on a diet of crickets, worms and other farm raised insects. The dehydrated version is a little tough and crunchy, but it is packed full of protein and vitamins.


When on the run, you don’t have time for messy sprays. Duke Cannon Solid Cologne is the answer. The concentrated cologne balm melts on your fingertips and can be applied at your command. This solid format will allow you to breeze through the TSA checkpoints at the airport. Just throw the tin into your briefcase, gym bag or desk drawer.

The 1.5 oz. tin is available in the following scents: Bourbon, Air, Sea, Land, Vetiver and Oakmoss, Light Musk and Neroli, and Birchwood.

Stance Devils Peak Outdoor Socks

Socks seem to always appear in Christmas stockings; however, these aren’t just your everyday socks. The Stance Devils Peak Outdoor Socks are a natural wood fusion fabric blend that offers superior thermal regulation while providing natural moisture-wicking properties. So while you are working up a sweat, these socks keep your feet safe and dry. Comfort is also provided with the seamless toe closures and targeted leg and foot compression to promote blood circulation. Stance produces the socks which should be in everyone’s stocking.

Gerber Center-Drive Plus Multi-Tool with Bit Set

For that REALLY SPECIAL person…the Gerber Center-Drive Plus Multi-Tool With Bit Set will be a much appreciated item. The USA Portland, Oregon, produces this high-quality EDC tool to serve the carrier for years. It includes one 16-piece multi-tool, a 12-piece standard bit set, and a premium leather sheath. This is the first multi-tool on the market to offer a 3.2 center axis driver that aligns like a screwdriver. You can never go wrong when gifting a Gerber tool.

Skope PYRO Putty Winter, Summer, Eco Blend, Emergency Survival Fire Starter

Phone Skope Pyro Putty Emergency Survival Fire Starter is a must for any bug-out bag or emergency bag in your auto. Pyro Putty makes starting a fire easy in challenging environments: wind, rain, and other harsh weather conditions. We like the fact that it is non-toxic and can be easily handled with bare hands. It’s designed to be eco-friendly and will burn in temperatures from 20ºF to 90ºF. The 2-oz. tin will light many fires, depending on the size of the putty ball you use. The putty can also be used to light wood or other flammable materials. Don’t think just camping activities! This is ideal for power outages or preparing for the zombie apocalypse.

Death Wish Coffee Organic Pumpkin Spice Coffee - 12 oz Bag (Ground)

‘Tis the season for all things pumpkin spice. Combine that craze with the popular, flavorful Death Wish Coffee and what do you get? Death Wish Coffee Company’s Pumpkin Spice perfection. This isn’t just over-the-counter coffee with some pumpkin flavoring address.  Death Wish is an artisan organic coffee which is all natural; no chemicals added as in most coffees. The Pumpkin Spice flavor comes from aged chai spic and pumpkin essential oils. Add to that cardamon, cinnamon, and cloves to deliver heaven to your taste buds. You won’t find a stronger pumpkin spice coffee blend on the market. The 12-oz. bag is available in ground or bean format.

Daneson Every Blend 4-Pack Toothpicks

We all know that guy who has the best of everything. He would expect to carry the Daneson Every Blend 4-Pack Toothpicks. These toothpicks are made of premium white birch and are flavored with all natural ingredients. The 4-pack includes 12 toothpicks of each flavor: Single Malt, Bourbon, CinnaMint, and Mint Flavors. With those varieties, you won’t want to take them out of your mouth. With these made in America toothpicks, you have the comfort of a controlled, safe ingredient list.


The Izola ZYX 6-oz. Flask is functional as well as a great conversation starter. The printeed reverse alphabet graphic on the front is sure to help loosen the group up. The ZYX is made of food-grade stainless steel and with a leakproof screw top. This classy look is for the man with discerning tastes.