How does enjoying the holidays and winter weather with a couple of Sam Adams Cigars sound this year? Sounds like a plan to us. These limited-edition, Holiday cigars are a collaboration between the famous Boston brewery (the original Craft Beer) and Ted’s Cigars. They’re based on and seasoned like some of Sam Adams’ best holiday flavors; Winter Lager, a warm, festive blend of orange peel, cinnamon and ginger;   Chocolate Bock, a smooth, dark blend of cocoa and natural flavorings; and White Christmas, reminiscent of their spicy wintry ale. All are wrapped in Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade and filled with filler from the Dominican Republic.

And if you’re interested in a slightly more traditional, less festive cigar, there are still some of the Samuel Adams Utopias Cigars – their original collaboration – available. These cigars are based on the legendary Utopias brew, a two-row pale malt blend aged in barrels for up to 24 years, imparting onto it tastes of fine Port, old Cognac, and fine Sherry. These Dominican cigars are the perfect blend of nutty and fruity notes, mixed with a p caramelized taste that “compliments the Utopias’ woody, toffee flavors”.  They even hint at some hints of Buffalo Trace bourbon in there.

These cigars are only available in limited quantities, so be sure to snag them now if you want to enjoy them this holiday season. Pair with brandy, egg nog by the fire…or Sam Adams beer.

sam adams cigars 2 Sam Adams Cigars_3