Feetures was started in 2002 when Hugh Gaithner, a veteran of the athletic sock industry (that is a thing, after all) decided to start taking advantage of all the many technological breakthroughs that were now available in the sock world.

That may sound like a simple origin story, but perfectly encapsulates these advanced, “high-tech” pairs of socks. And whether you’re looking for a basic but durable pair of running socks or a high-performance set of merino wool compression-fitted socks, this high-end sock manufacturer has you covered.

How Feetures Uses Tech To Make Better Socks

When it comes to something simple, like socks, “technology” seems superfluous. We certainly don’t blame you for thinking so. But these days, everything uses technology. Why should socks be any different?

Feetures unique selling points lies in features such as their Sock-Lock technology, which uses compression in strategically-targeted areas where it’s needed most. Compression improves blood flow and helps reduce swelling and discomfort, improving performance (however minimally).

In addition, most Feetures socks use their synthetic IWick fibers, which create extreme breathability, moisture-wicking and a quick-drying, comfortable run no matter how sweaty your feet get. Their merino wool offerings use a merino-synthetic blend that takes comfort and quick-dryingness to the next level.

Best Feetures Socks of 2019

Features High Performance Cushion No-Show Tab

These are Feetures all-around high-performance socks for runners, athletes and everyday wearers. Woven from their special iWick moisture-wicking fabric, with mesh on the top of the foot for ventilation, they’re supremely cool and comfortable. The Sock-Lock cushioning adds compression and padding where it’s needed most, while the special Y-heel construction and Lycra band around your foot keep it from sliding uncomfortably down your ankle and into your shoe.

Feetures Merino+

It’s become evident over the last few years that merino wool is the ultimate performance fabric. And if you haven’t upgraded to using merino socks for at least SOME of your running or other active needs…you’re missing out.

Big time.

The Feetures Merino+ hit that perfect balance of ultra-thin construction, light breathable weight, and comfortable wear. Merino+ fabric insulates when wet and dries rapidly, so you’re never uncomfortable. It’s also naturally anti-microbial, so pulling your feet out of the shoe at the end of the day isn’t a pungent experience.

Finally, Sock-Lock technology puts the compression and padding where you need it while the Perfect Toe offers seamless comfort.

Feetures Plantar Fascitis Relief Sock

Plantar Fascitis is an instant performance killer – as well as a real drag. These Plantar Fascitis socks from Feetures use specially-targeted, very-firm compression in the heel to lift your heel, stretch the Plantar Fascia and support your Achilles. The result? Less pain in every step. Moisture-wicking fabric and a seamless toe seal the deal.