Whats to like about Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Harness:

  • Adjustable leg loops

  • DualCore durable waist belt

  • Quick-release webbing on the back

  • 4x heavy-duty gear loops

  • Preheated Speed Adjust buckle

Are you feeling ready to push through the fear and finally go climbing with your friends? If the answer is yes, you will need the proper equipment. With that said, many people dont want to spend a fortune on something that might be a one-off thing. After all, why spend thousands of dollars on climbing gear if you dont plan to use it regularly?

So, the goal is to find something reliable yet affordable, something like Black Diamond Momentum Harness. This piece of high-quality equipment will not burn a hole through your budget, but it will help you climb in the gym or outdoors securely.

Heres what Momentum has to offer.

Comfortable Belt

Black Diamond Equipment is an acclaimed US company based in Utah with offices in Innsbruck, Austria. Since 1989, this brand has been making waves in the industry, creating innovative skiing and climbing gear.

Therefore, its not surprising to see only the best materials in the Black Diamond Momentum Harness. It all starts with a durable waist belt. To be precise, it features a Dual-Core construction that is virtually unbreakable. Plus, the waist belt will wrap around your body and provide extra stability, thanks to its ergonomic design.

Heavy-Duty Attachment Points

As we said earlier, Black Diamond Momentum Harness is a budget-friendly model. For that reason, we dont recommend using it for alpine or ice climbing. Yet, in the case of gym climbing or top-roping, this harness can be an excellent choice.

Why do we say this? Because the Momentum harness comes equipped with a preheated Speed Adjust buckle for a secure fit. Also, it features 4x pressure-molded gear loops. Located at the front and the sides, these strong loops can hold cams or belay devices.

Convenient and Easy to Use

In essence, Black Diamond Momentum Harness is a perfect all-rounder. It might not be the most advanced piece of climbing gear on the market, but it gets plenty of things right. For example, it comes with padded leg loops. Since they come equipped with easy-to-adjust buckles, leg loops will help with hanging belays.

In total, the harness weighs only 302 gr, making it one of the lightest out there. On the back, youll find quick-release webbing with a hall loop. In most cases, climbers decide to use this loop for attaching the chalk bag, but the choice is yours.

Should You Buy It?

Black Diamond Momentum Harness does not have ice clipper slots, and it might not be ideal for multi-pitch climbs. Even so, this harness offers excellent value for money, especially if you are a novice climber.

You can adjust it on the fly, and it will survive plenty of wear and tear. So, if you are ready to go in the vertical direction without spending a fortune on climbing equipment, Black Diamond Momentum Harness is a must-have.