As you know, we’re big fans of unusual stuff – especially unusual stuff that serves at least some kind of purpose and comes with some cool features. The X Rocker video gaming chair is the perfect example. Does anyone really need a luxurious, padded rocking chair with built-in controls, integrated 4.1 surround sound and vibrating motors that sync with the bass notes for perfect sound?

Nope – we can’t say that anybody does. But that doesn’t we wouldn’t want to try playing some Call of Duty or watching our favorite action movie in this bad boy.

It all starts with the integrated control panel on the side, which connects to your Xbox, Playstation, Wii, GameBoy, DVD/Blu-Ray player, iPad or even your home theater. There’s a volume control, bass adjustment, input/output ports and a regular AUX headphone jack. There’s also a built-in wireless radio receiver and transmitter, which can send audio from any RCA source.

If you opt to listen in surround, there are 4 quality speakers and subwoofer. While they aren’t exactly Bose-level sound, they do put out some great-sounding, immersive stuff; the gaming in this chair with the sound on full-blast is…well, a blast. The speakers use Ace Bayou’s AFM technology, which uses the space inside the chair as well as the frame to optimize acoustics. It literally transfers the rumbling of the subwoofer into the back of the chair, creating a deeper, more immersive audio experience.

And yes, The X Rocker does rock back and forth – just like a rocking chair. Good for antsy types. The gunstock arms fold in neatly and compactly for storage, and the vinyl upholstery can be easily wiped clean with a wet paper towel.

Again, do you really need it? Nope – but it sure will look cool in your gaming room or home theater and might just take your gaming/movie experiences to a whole new level.

Ace-Bayou-X-Rocker-Video-Game-Chair Ace-Bayou-X-Rocker-Video-Game-Chair-5 Ace-Bayou-X-Rocker-Video-Game-Chair-4 Ace-Bayou-X-Rocker-Video-Game-Chair-3 Ace-Bayou-X-Rocker-Video-Game-Chair-2