We love listening to music on the go as much as the next guy, but sometimes, it’s nice to just relax to some tunes at home with a glass of whiskey in hand. And for those times, you need a good pair of bookshelf speakers – like the Audioengine A2 Black 2-way Speakers.

Perfectly sized to fit on any bookshelf or desk, the Audioengine A2’s are versatile and compact powered speakers meant for use with computers, phones and even turntables. have an RCA input, as well as an output for subwoofer in case you desire some extra bass. There is also a built-in Digital Analog Converter (DAC), which converts digital audio signals straight from your PC to crisp sound audio.

The A2’s are powered, meaning they do not need an additional amplifier. The external cabinets are finished wood, polished and painted with colors that blend in with any décor. And, needless to say, they sound fantastic.

Audioengine A2+ Black 2-way Powered Speakers Features

  • Versatile for computers, turntables and mobile devices
  • Digital-Analog Converter (DAC) converts audio directly from PC via USB
  • Hand-finished, painted wood cabinets
  • AC Power Cord
  • 5′ Mini-Jack Audio Cable
  • 5′ USB Cable
  • Microfiber Speaker Bags
  • Microfiber Power Supply Bag
  • Microfiber Cable Bag


Audioengine A2 2-way Bookshelf Speakers Audioengine A2 2-way Bookshelf Speakers Audioengine A2 2-way Bookshelf Speakers