While water purification has come a long way, and you’ve got your choice of pocket-sized, one-piece water filters (like the Lifestraw) and larger, more intricate hanging or pump systems. But one drawback all these typical systems have in common, is that they are separate from your water bottle, thus requiring you to carry more than one item and requiring more effort to properly filter water. The Grayl bottle, however, seeks to simplify the process and streamline everything down into one piece, for simple, one-step water purification.

The Grayl Bottle uses what is very similar to a French Press to filter your water; simply pour it in, straight from the backcountry stream, press down, and voila – you have instantaneously clean, pure water that you can drink as you would any other water bottle. The filter removes 99.999% of all bacteria, viruses and protozoa, as well as dirt and silt, meaning your water is perfectly clean and safe to drink at all times. It will also remove most chemicals like chlorine and benzene, and is even made from BPA-free plastic. The cartridge filter is replaceable and lasts for up to 300 uses – or about 40 gallons of water total.

But the best part of the Grayl is how easy it is; it’s all one piece, and filtering water takes seconds. There’s a lot more room in your bag and and lot less hassle. You’ve also got your choice of a several different color water bottles. If you want to travel as light as possible when you’re outside, then the Grayl bottle may just be what you’re looking for.

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