In our eternal quest for the perfect shot of espresso, we’ve tried virtually machine, cup and blend of beans we could get our hands on, so we think it’s fair to say we know a good bit about what makes a coffee machine worth buying and what makes a good cup. And not just for espresso – our coffee credentials are pretty well-established, too. That’s why we’re looking forward to trying out a fresh cup of java from Spinn, the new  “bean-to-cup” coffee maker that churns out everything from espresso to Americanos to classic drip in a smooth, sleek package.

The first thing you might notice differentiating Spinn from other similar coffee makers is the external appearance, which looks more like a Mac Pro mixed with Nespresso than it does a typical espresso machine. It certainly looks good on your countertop. But dig a bit deeper and you’ll find what gives Spinn its name – a brewing process using centrifugal force to make the perfect shot of espresso.

Your typical espresso machine uses a high-pressure pump and boiler to force hot water through tightly-packed coffee grinds, extracting the delicious espresso flavor, color and caffeine from the grinds and depositing them neatly in your cup, with a delicious, golden crema sitting on top. Spinn, on the other hand, just spins the filter around at 5500 RPM, creating centrifugal force equivalent to the pressure of a typical pump-and-boiler espresso machine.

That’s pretty cool, in of itself. It’s also nice that Spinn grinds the beans automatically using a burr grinder right above the brewer, saving you time and effort and ensuring a perfectly-fresh brew every single cup. And as we mentioned, it does more than just straight espresso or straight drip coffee; Americano, Lungo, Restretto. Spinn does it all.

Finally, it’s Wi-Fi connected, and can be easily controlled via an app on your smartphone. You can even order freshly-roasted beans directly from a local roaster through the Spinn Coffee app, or sign up for their subscription service that delivers coffee straight to your door on a regular schedule.

Spinn wanted to make coffee easy and fresh everyday, and it looks like they succeeded. Mornings might just get easier.

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