Roadtrips might be the classic way to see America, but we’ve always wanted to try a cross-country train trek, too. It takes a heck of a lot longer than flying, sure – but flying just doesn’t get the same scenery. If you’d like to see the West Coast in it’s scenic glory, then the Amtrak Coast Starlight is the train for you. Starting for just $97, you can take the Coast Starlight all the way from Los Angeles to Seattle; along the way, you’ll get the chance to see everything from the Cascade Mountains, Mt. Shasta, the Redwoods, to the rolling green hills of Central California and the Palm trees in the south.

The trip takes a total of 35 hours – twice the time it would take to drive the same distance. But why drive when you can sit in the  observation deck with floor to ceiling windows, or get a sleeper cabin? If you’re willing to spend more than the minimum $97, you can get yourself Business Class, with wine tasting, cheese and free Wifi. Coach gets you a meal too, though.

The Coast Starlight travels daily, avoiding the West Coast’s famous traffic the whole way. We really can’t picture a better way to travel.


Amtrak Coast Starlight Amtrak Coast Starlight