We are always looking for neat gear as well as specials. With gun sales at the highest ever, people are looking for weapon-mounted flashlights. This is a really sweet deal–offered by Fenix Store on July 17 and 18.

The Fenix Tactical Flashlight Bundle includes all you need for a weapon-mount set up. Included in the kit are these products:

  • Fenix PD35 TAC 1000-lumen LED flashlight. This flashlight in itself is a tactical marvel. It is really two flashlights in one. You have the option of using the flashlight as a tactical flashlight which is a simpler operation of three modes. You also have the option of the Outdoor Mode. This mode has six modes of operation to make it a standard EDC flashlight. The PD35TAC is only 5.51″ long and have a unbelievable maximum beam distance of 655 feet. This has been a #1 seller for tactical applications since its release.
  • Fenix Rail Mount: This ring is designed for mounting on your picatinny rail. The mount features a quick-release feature as well as an anti-slip inner rubber ring. This is sure to hold the flashlight securely during weapon recoil.
  • Fenix Remote Pressure Switch: The black, non-glare setup is perfect for tactical applications. With a simple click of the switch button, you activate your weapon-mounted flashlight. No need to remove hands from your weapon grip.
  • Fenix Rechargeable 18650 Battery: The rechargeable battery gives you peace of mind in a tactical situation. Fully charge your battery to relieve the thought of no power during a critical time.
  • Standard Accessories: You also get a body clip, holster, lanyard and other accessories in the kit.

The Fenix Tactical Flashlight Bundle is a bargain in itself. As we said, we love bargains. Thru July 18, Fenix Store is offering THREE FREEBIES with the purchase of the kit:

  • 1-oz. 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms Copper Bullion Round .999 Fine (from Golden State Mint)
  • 2 x Loyalty Points (these are like “money in the bank”)
  • FREE USPS Priority Shipping

This is one of the best deals today for getting your tactical gear in order–we are all about the 2nd Amendment!