At first glance the Hitch Hotel looks ridiculous, but upon closer look…we kinda like it. It’s an expandable camper that simply fits onto any Class 2 Hitch, allowing you to drive anywhere you want and pop it open for a good night’s sleep – no trailer required.

When closed, the Hitch Hotel offers 60 cubic feet of storage space, where you can stash all your gear and luggage. When open, it expands to over 7 feet long and offers over 135 square feet of space – perfect for camping out and for two people to catch some sleep. 4 sets of legs unfold, allowing the floor to support over 1000 pounds. It easily disconnects from the back of your truck whenever you need to travel light.

Since the Hitch Hotel is merely a hitch attachment, and not a trailer, there’s whole array of perks to hauling it around on the back of your car. You can drive faster; there’s no need for trailer registration or insurance; it only takes one parking spot; it requires no special driving skills. And it’s cheaper. A lot cheaper.

The Hitch Hotel is currently on Kickstarter, and once they’ve reached their goal, they’re planning on shipping them in September. Hop on over and get one for yourself, and your offroad camping adventures will get that much better.

Hitch-Hotel-2 hitch-hotel-trailer-closed-front-960x640_c Hitch-Hotel-8 Hitch-Hotel-7 Hitch-Hotel-6 Hitch-Hotel-5 Hitch-Hotel-4 Hitch-Hotel-3