Primary features of L.L. Bean’s Comfort Fitness Walking Shoes:

  • Suede leather
  • Breathable mesh
  • True Performance footbed
  • Foam-Padded collar and tongue
  • Combination lacing system
  • VertiGrip rubber outsole

L.L. Bean designs a broad range of products covering a massive customer base, from avid campers and hikers to people dwelling in the urban areas. In other words, they have everything, including super-comfy shoes that do not cost an arm and a leg.

As the name suggests, L.L. Bean’s Comfort Fitness Walking Shoes are perfect for concrete, tarmac, and similar surfaces. Unlike hiking shoes that excel on uneven terrain, these shoes work wonders in the urban setting.
We took them for a test, and here’s what we discovered.

Suede Leather & Breathable Mesh

In essence, the two primary materials of Bean’s Comfort Fitness Walking Shoes are suede leather and a breathable mesh. The elegant-looking suede leather is malleable and soft since it’s coming from the underskin of animals. A stylish choice, no doubt, but it also provides these shoes with excellent durability.

On the other hand, the breathable mesh is perfect for light walking or casual fitness sessions. It is both comfortable and allows the skin to breathe. However, unlike specialized mesh, this one doesn’t react so well to rain and moisture, as it becomes a bit heavy once saturated. Nonetheless, L.L. Bean’s Comfort Fitness Walking Shoes can handle occasional splashes and even light rain with no hassle.

Anatomic & Comfortable

The eye-catching yet anatomic design makes Bean’s Comfort Fitness Walking Shoes stand out from formal shoes and hiking boots. Foam-padded collar and foam tongue, as well as the combination lacing system, are things that complement this model’s attractive design.

True Performance Footbed is also something that helps the user with workouts and fitness, making L.L. Bean’s Comfort Fitness Walking Shoes a must-have for exercising. Yet, these features would mean nothing without maximum comfort provided by these shoes. Of course, the well-padded inner area reduces fatigue and prevents aches and pains.

EVA Midsole & VertiGrip Outsole

L.L. Bean Uses EVA technology in the midsole’s design of their shoes. As you probably know, EVA boosts stability and comfort. Nowadays, most manufacturers opt for this material, and L.L. Bean is also walking the well-trodden path.

On the other hand, the VertiGrip rubber outsole is thrown into the mix to improve traction. This type of outsole allows you to use the shoes for fitness, even if the terrain is wet or slippery.

Is It Worth It?

You probably know that L.L. Bean offers competitive prices for all their products. This pricing policy applies to L.L Bean’s Comfort Fitness Walking Shoes as well. So, for an affordable price, you’ll get much more than you would have with everyday, run-of-the-mill footwear.

Every feature of these shoes focuses on making them as comfortable and practical as possible. Suede leather and lots of innovative elements combined into an attention-grabbing package – what more could you need?