GORUCK Grid Fleece Main features of GORUCK Grid Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie:

  • Polartec Power Grid fabric
  • Sweat-absorbing and quick-drying
  • Full-zip front
  • Simple hood design
  • Optional patches on sleeves

Finding a dependable hoodie for jogging or hiking can be tricky because performance apparel needs to meet a set of criteria. Namely, it must be breathable, warm, comfortable, but it should also stay as affordable as possible.

Well, we scoured the market and stumbled upon GORUCK Grid Fleece Full-Zip Hoodie. Since this model features Polartec Power Grid, arguably the best fabric for athletic apparel, we had to get a closer look. Here’s what we learned.

Polartec Power Grid Fabric

GORUCK is a relatively young brand with a focus on workout gear and high-performance apparel. After all, the GORUCK Challenge is growing into a massive event, testing contenders’ mental and physical strengths. For that reason, the company goes to great lengths to create top-drawer clothing lines and other heavy-duty accessories.

For instance, GORUCK opted for Polartec Power Grid when designing the performance hoodie. To be precise, the fabric comprises 92% polyester and 8% spandex. As a result, the hoodie is stretchy, a must-have feature for training gear. Plus, it sticks to the body and allows it to breathe. Another significant characteristic of the Polartec Power Grid is that it absorbs sweat and quickly releases it into the environment. This feature will enable you to work out for longer.

Durable But Comfortable

GORUCK Grid Fleece Full-Zip is both durable and soft thanks to the ingenious use of Power Grid fabric. It is resistant to abrasions, which increases durability. It is also smooth and doesn’t irritate the skin, no matter the weather or how sweaty you are.

Of course, we should mention that a fleece-lined hoodie provides maximum comfort in all situations. In other words, GORUCK’s hoodie can also be a perfect option for camping, backpacking, or cycling sessions.

Eye-Catching Design

When creating this full-zip jacket, GORUCK went with a simplified design. Available in black, navy, and charcoal, the hoodie does not feature any complex shapes or lettering. On the contrary, a minimalistic approach makes this jacket/hoodie ideal for military training or similar activities.

At the same time, the jacket comes with a full-zip front, optional Velcro patches on both sleeves, and a GORUCK spearhead near the bottom. These details are all that this hoodie needs to attract attention no matter where the workout session takes you. Also, add the two deep, handwarmer pockets to the mix to round up the sleek and futuristic look of the GORUCK Grid Fleece Full-Zip Jacket.

Is It Worth It?

Since they tested it in rigorous conditions, this hoodie will survive plenty of wear and tear. GORUCK is all about being as tough as nails, and they make no compromises with the quality of their clothing lines.

As such, GORUCK Grid Fleece Full-Zip Jacket is among the best options to choose from if you love working out because it doubles as an everyday hoodie and an exercise jacket.