An aromatic Eau the toilette is not a luxury men’s cologne but a necessity! And you should treat your colognes as such. Yet, not all scents are the same. Whether we like them or not, some are more powerful than others.

Well, the exquisite Tom Ford Tobacco Oud is one such private blend. This particular men’s cologne oozes masculinity and strength. So, do you think you are ready to tame the beast? Let’s see.

The Aroma

Tom Ford Tobacco Oud Private Blend first hit the shelves back in 2013. As they say, the rest is history. Over the years, the quality of this perfume did not diminish. On the contrary, it seems to be getting better with age.

The man responsible for the unapologetic aroma of this perfume is Olivier Gillotin. In case you are not familiar with his work, look him up. You will be impressed.

Mens Cologne Tom Ford 2In essence, the aroma of the Tobacco Oud draws inspiration from Arabic passion and traditions. To be precise, the Arabic word Dakha is the centerpiece of the blend. When translated, the Dakha means dizziness.

A magical blend of herbs and tobacco

More often than not, perfumes that are supposed to smell like tobacco do not imitate the addictive aroma at all. Well, this is not the case with the Tom Ford Tobacco Oud.

As a successor to the well-blended Amber Absolute, Tobacco Oud manages to capture the dark and heavy undertones of tobacco.

On top of that, this perfume also incorporates the sweetness of exotic herbs, such as incense or patchouli. The woody notes are in the background, supporting the structure. They also provide this masculine perfume with the necessary kick.

A Long-lasting performance

Tom Ford Tobacco Oud is an evening scent, and it will do wonders for the nights when you go paint the town. The aroma is flirty and eye-catching, and you will be noticed for sure.

Mens Cologne Tom Ford 3What’s more, the cologne promises a long-lasting performance. After all, excellent longevity is something we would expect from a renowned name such as this one.

While we are on the subject of flirting, a word of caution is in order. Tom Ford Tobacco Oud takes a no-nonsense approach, and this perfume is not subtle at all. It’s like keeping a finger on the trigger, so make sure that you are ready to step in when the ladies start to get dizzy.

What did we like about it?

The fact that Tobacco Oud hits you hard right from the start is one of its most noticeable features. As we said, this perfume can pack a punch, and its unapologetic aroma leaves no prisoners.

A well-proportioned blend of herbs and flowers results in a manly scent with a touch of woody notes. All in all, the Tobacco Oud from Tom Ford is an excellent choice for any active and energetic gentleman.

What’s more, this perfume can also serve as an excellent idea for a present. So, consider it as an option for your friends or loved ones. Once they get the taste of the spice-laden tobacco scent, they will be hooked for sure.