Declaring a single brand of sneakers or athletic shoes as the best is to throw down some fighting words; everybody’s got their fanboys (looking at you, Nike and Adidas), and some people aren’t too keen about letting other brands vie for the title. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for other brands to try, which is what Athletic Propulsion Labs is doing with the Techloom Pro, their high-tech, high-end trainers.

The TechLoom Pro are hi-tech and advanced in several different ways, besides their name – inspired by the legendary NASA Jet Propulsion Lab. APL has developed all their own materials for this shoe, starting with the one-piece upper, woven together of several performance materials without any seams. This construction allows them to be as breathable and comfortable as possible, while remaining supportive and flexible. The midsole and outsole are made of Propelium (again, nice name), APL’s own material, that is ultra-lightweight but shock-absorbent; each shoe weighs in at only 7.9 oz.

The 8mm drop puts your foot into the ideal, natural position for running, making this seriously one of the lightest and most comfortable running shoes we’ve had the pleasure of trying out – rivaled, in fact, only by the Techloom Phantom, their even lighter model. The icing on the cake, of course, is that they not only work great but look pretty fly as well, and for the price they’re asking, these are totally worth trying out. Just a few minutes in these and you’ll be sold on just how light and comfy they are. We can’t guarantee they’ll actually maker you faster, but you may feel like it.

techloom_pro_apl_side techloom_pro_apl_black_sole techloom_pro_apl_black_rear techloom_pro_apl_black_profile techloompro-black-gold-silver