If you haven’t yet made the leap to a stainless-steel water bottle, you really ought to. You’ll be able to say goodbye to fall those unky plastic smells and the possibility of chemicals leaching into your water, imparting that nasty taste they always seem to leave behind in very warm weather. And your bottle will become much more attractive in the process. (Because looking cool, is what it’s really all about, right?) And if attractive is important to you, S’well is what you’re looking for. These vacuums insulated, stainless steel water bottles come in literally dozens of different styles and colors, ranging from a simple Angel Food white exterior, to the Satin Collection to the Abalone collection, to a unique teakwood finish. You name it, they probably came up with it. The teakwood isn’t actually real wood, but a very nice paint job on the outside of the stainless steel.

Every bottle, as mentioned, is made from high-grade, 18/8 stainless steel, that is BPA-free, and triple-walled for maximum insulation. Cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for up to 12. And thanks to the triple-wall, no condensation builds up on the outside. The cap design combines the best of a cork and a screw-on cap, while the mouth is wide enough for ice cups but narrow enough that you won’t spill all over yourself, like with wide-mouth bottles.

S’well bottles come in bottles, growlers, tumblers, and the Traveler bottle, each in a variety of sizes. They are sleek, stylish bottles that look with your daily kit on the go and function just as well in the outdoors. What more could you ask for?

S'well-Water-Bottle-Aluminum-2 S'well-Water-Bottle-Aluminum-3 S'well-Water-Bottle-Aluminum-4 S'well-Water-Bottle-Aluminum-5