Water bottles really shouldn’t be something we spend a lot of time and effort fussing over; any clean, watertight container should do the trick, and there’s a million out there to choose from. But some options are far and away better than others; namely, Hydro Flask bottles. In just a short amount of time, Hydro Flask’s have become our favorite water bottles for both the outdoors and everyday use. Why?

First, Hydro Flask makes all their bottles out of 18/8 stainless steel. This makes them far safer and healthier than plastic bottles, which often contain harmful chemicals such as BPA that can leach into your water. And while many bottles don’t contain BPA (Camelbak and Nalgene spring to mind), there’s still quite a few materials in that plastic that might. Stainless steel eliminates this problem, and also eliminates the funky taste that plastic bottles tend to have. The outside is coated with a special powder-coat, which gives extra-grip even with sweaty or wet hands. The whole construction is extremely tough and durable, and there’s no fear of denting or breaking the bottle no matter what you throw at it. And if something should happen to it, Hydro Flask provides a lifetime warranty.

Second, they’re incredibly insulated. Hydro Flask uses what they call TempShield, a double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps hot drinks hot for up to 6 hours – and cold drinks cold for up to 24. While that’s not quite the extreme numbers some bottles provide, it’s more than enough for everyday use.

Lastly, they’re ultra-customization. Hydro Flask’s come in a variety of sizes- up to 40 oz – and with a variety of mouths and lids to choose from – wide mouth, standard mouth, Straw Lid, screw lid with strap, screw lid with handle – all of which are BPA-free. No matter what you like to use your water bottle for, Hydro Flask has you covered. They’re starting to take up a lot of space in our kit, and we’re pretty sure you’ll feel the same way.


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