Glenfiddich’s original Single Malt Whisky is no doubt a classic – and definitely one of our favorites for fine sipping – but the new Glenfiddich Experimental Collection looks pretty intriguing, too. In their own words, the Experimental Collection “embodies [their] family philosophy of freedom and possibilities, to create a range of ground-breaking single malts.” They kicked it off in 2016 with the India Pale Ale Experiment, the likes of which had never really been done in the whiskey world (we’l’ be trying that one soon). They followed that up with Project XX, a combination of twenty different drinks selected  from their warehouse by twenty different whisky experts.

For 2017, they bring us Winter Storm, a wholly original malt whisky inspired by Canadian Icewine. For this one, they used only the finest aged whisky – at least 21 years old, as only they could handle the extra intensity of the icewine. It’s then blended and mixed in French oak Icewine casks for 6 months, where it picks up the intense sweetness of the grapes. The result is a sweet beverage that ” offers soft sweet notes reminiscent of candied fruit and Turkish delight that develop into flavors of mouth-watering lychee.” It perfectly captures both the warming spirit of whisky with the wintry cold character of the Icewine.

Certainly not the most outrageous of whiskies – but a bold experiment, nonetheless. Perfect for kicking back by the fire, or sipping on the porch while enjoying a cigar in the crisp air. Grab a bottle from the Glenfiddich Experimental Collection, and enjoy the cold this winter.


Winter Storm