Today’s society has it so easy with all our modern conveniences. The new Albert Clock makes you work to determine the time. It’s a clock, but YOU have to calculate the hours and minutes.

Where are the hands of the clock? Where is the digital readout? Where is the traditional clock? Not here! Learning to tell the time is one of the first important life skills any of us tackles. However, the Albert Clock makes the tried and true hands method pointless because it forces you to calculate the time. It’s a digital clock that mounts easily to the wall, but actually telling the time is going to require you to do some math calculations.

Oh yeah, and there are four different difficulty levels depending on your threshold for pain. For example:

  • Take 8:31 a.m. for instance. At Level 1 it’s displayed as 4+4 hours 32-1 mins.
  • Level 2 is 2×4 hours 58-27 mins.
  • Level 3: 23-15hours 1+5x6mins.
  • And finally, Level 4: 9/3+5hours 5×8-9mins.

We’re not saying the math is incredibly difficult, but remembering PEMDAS prior to coffee in the morning when you’re scrambling to figure out if you’re late for work will absolutely keep you on your toes.

Perfect for Education

Children enjoy racking their brains  and making calculations when  they’re allowed to take a playful  approach. The Albert Clock. However, isn’t exclusively for kids. If  you want to get the ALBERT  CLOCK for your little ones because  of its educational value, you might  soon as well take pleasure in being  put to the test and having to figure out the correct time.

Albert Clock Specifications

  • Trains Your Brain: For kids and adults, the Albert Clock keeps your brain active with simple mathematics
  • Runs on 110 or 220 V: Can be used in every country on the world, an adapter for you country will be delivered.
  • Available as an App: You can put Albert on your mobile or tablet “on the go” so you can get smart anywhere you stay
  • Simple Set up: You can put Albert on the wall very easily with a wall fixation that comes with it or just use it as a free standing clock.
  • Timeless Design:We’ve designed Albert as a piece of time with the most pure and minimalist lines. Even in 20 years it will still look as today: timeless!
  • Three Color Options: Scholar Red Lucid White, or Concrete Gray. The Albert Clock is built with an MDF base and hand-painted with a multi-layer matte lacquer.
Buy - $300.00
Albert Clock Albert Clock