Have you ever wanted to record your world in 3d audio? Gotta admit, we’re not exactly what that means; surround sound? 7.1? The Sennheiser Ambeo Smart Headset has the ability to record audio in glorious 3d audio. We don’t exactly know what that means in a technical sense, but they promise to sound exactly like the sounds you hear in your surroundings. They’ve got professional quality, omnidirectional mics that record binaurally, directing into your phone, which it connects to via Lightning Port. You can use them to record audio for your videos on your phone, or for voice memos, or any other function that makes use of a microphone.

The Ambeo also comes with Transparent Hearing and Active Noise Cancellation. Transparent Hearing lets you hear the sounds around you that need to be heard, blending them together with your music or phone calls as you listen. Active Noise Cancellation works like most other noise-cancelling headphones, cancelling out the sounds you don’t want to hear, so you can focus solely on what needs your attention. And of course, you can take phone calls with the built-in mic.

And of course, it goes without saying that since these are from Sennheiser, the audio quality is unmatched. The’ve included Apogee’s proprietary Soft Limit and mic preamp and tuned A/D and D/A conversion, if you understand that technobabble. Which means when you’re listening to your favorite tunes or taking a call, you’ll hear every note in crisp detail. Hook it up to the Ambeo Smart Headset App on your phone to control EQ and Transparent Hearing Settings. Audio/video enthusiasts, this is the headset you’ve been waiting for.

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