If you’re on the never-ending quest to find the perfect cup of coffee, take a look at the Stagg Pour Over Set from Fellow. We highly doubt you’ve ever seen a coffee maker like this before. Combining modern precision engineering with classy good looks, the Pour Over Set manages to give a perfectly brewed cup of pour-over coffee, every time. The stainless steel and glass Stagg X Pour-over Dripper is vacuum-insulated, for the best heat retention during brewing, and has sloped sides for maximum coffee-to-water contact, giving it the best, most even extraction you can get. There’s a ratio Aid measuring cup, and the built-in drip cup catches everything. It even comes with a tasting glass, that features a Double-walled body for heat retention and single-walled, outward flared lip to make sipping easy.

This dripper pairs with the Stagg Pour Over Kettle, which comes in polished copper with a stainless steel lid, as well as in steel and graphite. It’s got a precision pour spout that evenly soaks all your grinds, and a built-in brew-range thermometer so you never burn – or underdo – your coffee. The handle is even counter-balanced, for a perfect, steady pour every time.

When you actually use the Stagg Pour Over Kit to make a good cup, it becomes obvious that they put a lot of care and effort into the design and quality of the set. And does it look great. The paint finish is made to be as durable against scratches and chips as possible, and the modern, minimal design looks fantastic in your kitchen. If you enjoy making your own pour over at home, this is the set you need.


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