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Rite Press The No-Mess French Press, Makes A Perfect Cup of Coffee Every Time

Rite Press No Mess French Press

We love making coffee in the French Press; it makes a rich, oily cup of coffee with a bit of old-fashioned character. And some kind of ritual is always welcome in our morning. But we especially love the looks of the new Rite Press, which we found perusing the pages over at Kickstarter. It features a thermometer and timer built in to the already sleek stainless steel body, which makes getting the perfect brew easy and right, every time. No need to over or under-guestimate how long the coffee is brewing, or how hot the water is. Which means no more over or under-extracted coffee.

The timer is also an hourglass, which is cool, classy and definitely unique. It’s magnetic, and snaps onto the side of the coffee press; pour in your water, flip over the hourglass, and plunge the filter down when the sand has run out.

The Rite Press also promised to be dead easy and simple to clean up, and that it is: with a screw-off bottom that collects the coffee grounds after being pressed and makes cleanup super easy. Simply unscrew, toss the waste, and rinse out the bottom.

The press itself is double-walled stainless steel, the patented bottom features a silicone seal, and the filter a micro mesh. As far as French presses go, it’s as quality and well-made as it gets. You can also use it for loose-leaf tea. Grab one on Kickstarter and make your morning coffee ritual that much easier, and less messy.

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