Death Wish is popular in the caffeine world, known for their extremely caffeinated roast that they tout as the World’s Strongest Coffee and with double the caffeine. They’ve recently followed that up with a canned nitro cold brew, for those of us who love their coffee cold and on the go. Death Wish Nitro Brew comes in a 4-pack of cans, each filled with 11 ounces of creamy, nitrogen infused cold brew coffee, made from that same double-caffeinated blend of beans. They’ve put nothing else in it – no preservatives, flavorings, or creams – meaning you get nothing but pure, unadulterated coffee. This stuff is made for those of us who need that extra boost of caffeine, whether to kickstart the day or for an afternoon recharge. Whatever your coffee drinking habits, you can be assured of some serious performance.

Death Wish coffee is completely organic. It also contains anywhere from 2 to 8 times the amount of caffeine as a regular cup, depending on how you brew it. If you can handle your caffeine, that should be no problem, but always drink in moderation.